Kerry ~ Thank you for listing this property for me! I had a few offers and now have a signed contract and we are headed to closing shortly... HOWEVER... I am really getting so many replies! A good thing, but is there any way that I can shut the ads down? I would be happy to write a testimonial for you... this was an outstanding (and financially reasonable) way to sell our farm! Thank you ~ H.B. ?????? Tennessee
Hi Marian, I am so glad I found your website last April. I am happy to say I have sold my property and am asking that you remove the listing. I will recommend your site to all my friends who are buying or selling properties. Thank you J.C. ???????. Florida
Hi Kerry Thanks for you your help. Your patience was most appreciated. The ad looks great. Regards, M.R. ... Ontario Canada
Good morning Marion, If I get another kennel to sell I will definitively list it on your site. The response to my ad from your site was phenomenal! Thank you! T.R. ... Vermont
Kennel and Home - I sold this and it's settled - can you remove this from your site and any other sites you control? Your site was great and brought me the buyer- can't say thanks enough. A.P. ... New Jersey
We just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our new ad posted on your site. Google search brings our listing right up quickly, very nice! F.S. ... Nevada
I posted an advertisement for hunting land for sale in Illinois, Rock Island Country. Happily I am reporting that the land has sold and the advertisement should be pulled. M.E. ... Iowa
Thanks! Your service was great...our land was leased and the calls just keep coming and coming... K.M. ... Mississippi
Please remove my ad. I received many calls and have leased it for the current year. Your site is great! I will use it again next year. D.B. ... Arkansas
Kerry, we are continually receiving phone calls regarding a Minnesota dog kennel that we had listed. Please remove it from your web site. Your website really works!!! Is it only dog kennels that you offer for sale? Thanks! D.P. ... Minnesota
Dear Kerry, OMG, you are so efficient! Thank you so much for your quick response. I've made the two changes I needed to make and they were IMMEDIATE to the five sites thru Global! I'm recommending you to all of my realtor friends! Your site is to user friendly, economical, and now I can say the customer service is phenomenal. What a pleasure to do business with your company. Sincerely, S.H. ... Missouri
Hi, We have sold our home...please cancel all my ads immediately. Please let me know if there is anything else that I need to do. We were very happy with your service. It gave us great exposure on search engines. Thanks, F.M. ... New York
Kerry, Thanks, For your work. I have had more inquiries using Global in a attempt to reach areas I haven't been able to reach before. My question now, is there a way to see the hit counts or look from zones from the inquries? We will be glad to keep up with this if we know how to do it. Thanks, and have a great day. T.H. ... Georgia
We've been successful with an ad on your site. Could you remove it and let me know? Thanks. M.A. ... Florida
Marian, I am pleased to inform you that we leased our property and would like the ad removed from the websites as calls are coming in daily. I appreciate your help and the service you guys provide is excellent. I look forward to doing business with you in the future. Happy New Year, A.H. ... Mississippi
Please remove the ad That was placed for CRP land in Colorado. Thanks to your ad I have successfully sold the land. F.B. ... Texas
We have a ad with you and it is now sold thanks to this ad. Please delete or show sold. 76 acres Ohio. J Q ...Ohio
Hi Marian, Will you please remove my ad from all your sites, I have sold the farm. Thank you for all your help T.C. ... Ontario Canada
Yes we had placed an add with you ... to list our land on ten of your websites and we have sold that land so you can please remove the ad. Thanks for your help the ad sold it! D.M... Ohio Hunting Land for sale
This is to inform you that my land sold ... for the asking price. I wish I had some more property to sell! L. M. ... Arkansas
Hi, I want to let you know that we have sold the farm you listed for us and you may remove it from your listings. We are appreciative of the way you handled the whole exchange and happy with the number of responses we got (and are still getting.) We will certainly recommend you to others, or use your services again, should we have need. Thank-you. D.H. ... Ohio
We have spent loads and loads of money on various real estate ads but I've never seen the response your website pulls in. For the short time we had the place on the market, we received 8 inquiries. Thanks for all your help and you can be sure if we try to sell again down the road, we'll think of you first. M.L. ... Virginia
Thanks, our ad on your sites led to a lucrative sale. R.H. ... Arkansas
Thank you so much. We successfully sold our kennel in a matter of days, getting the full asking price ($150,000 Over appraisal). Please remove our ad as we are still getting numerous calls. Again, thank you. A. & S. C. ... California
Hello: The kennel has been sold ($575K). Will you please remove my ad? Thanks a lot for the good service. H.C. ... Indiana
Please remove our ad for the Florida kennel for sale. The response was unbelievable. I had 16 emails the morning after you placed the ad. We sold the kennel within 18 hours as a result of your ads. J.U. ... Florida
Please remove my ad for the kennel for sale in California. I sold the kennel through your ads and I had about 30 - 40 people waiting to step in if the first buyer couldn't complete the purchase. Thanks for the great service. K.B. ... California
Hi Kerry, I would like to thank you very much for helping me sell my kennel on your website, I still get e-mails every day. I would recommend it to anyone, It helped my buyer find my kennel and we just closed on the property on the 31st. Could you please cancel my ad, and thank you again! My ad was the 3 bedroom house and kennel in Chesterfield NJ. C.C. ... New Jersey
Please take my ad off of your websites. We have sold the property through your ads. Mississippi Farm, $700,000. Thank you. W.N. ... Mississippi
We have sold our Kentucky kennel and moved to California! The response from your ads was unbelievable. We received 5 - 10 calls per day. If we ever need any real estate sold, we'll be sure to have you advertiZe for us. Thanks C.S. ...California
Kerry: I got an e-mail today that said I should renew my advertising with you. I need more exposure in Kansas. Let me know what you want to add, and charge me for it. I think the renewal is around $250... see what you can do with $500. A large part of the success for my business is due to choosing you as my web designer and I'm very happy with the service as well as the advice. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you. Thanks S.T. ...Oklahoma
Good Morning Kerry Please continue with the same ad as you have been running. It has given us lots of hits and we feel that it has worked well for us these past years. D.V. ... North Dakota
Kerry, We sold our farm about 6 weeks ago thanks to your advertisement! You can remove our listing now. S.E. ... North Carolina
Thank You The ad in your web allowed us to sell the Kennels ($695,000). We close on Friday the 21 of October. Please remove the ad as we are still getting email from interested parties. Again Thank you. B.M. ... Idaho
Hey Kerry, We have some pictures for our website on the Farm of 94.15 Acres in Tennessee. Thank you very much. We are pleased with buyfarms.com. We have received several contacts since we have been on your website. M.H. ... Tennessee
Gentlemen, I advertised my kennel for sale with your service, $354,000, and did sell it through your ads. Would you be able to remove it from your internet site. I am still getting requests for it via email. Thank you for your great service. D.M... North Carolina
Hi Kerry, we were pleasantly surprised to see the web site up already and have received a number of inquiries. Also, we mailed the maps to you on Friday. Let me know if you don't receive them. Everything looks good. D.B... North Dakota
My Kennel has been sold. Please remove my kennel for sale ad, $1.2 Million in California. I sold the kennel through your ads. Thanks. B.S. ... California
Things are pretty busy around here. In the past two months I have written contracts on over $3 Million for real estate purchases. I appreciate your help in maintaining my web-site. Your service is excellent and makes it easy for me to run my real estate office by myself. Since I have no agents or office help, you guys are a great asset. Thanks S.T. ... Oklahoma
I want to thank you for posting the OHIO orchard for sale. I am impressed with the volume of activity I received. I need to cancel my ad though as I am no longer representing these sellers. It should have sold but their price is too high and for the last 8 months they would not entertain a reduction. I will definitely keep your websites in mind for any future listings. The response I received was immediate and heavy! K.P. Ohio
Hi Kerry...I forgot to tell you, please remove my "120 acres for sale in ND"...It has been sold and I'm still getting calls on it!! Thank you so much...your website is very effective!! D.T. ... North Dakota
Thanks to you, I sold Creekside Estates but leave it on the site for now. I will be adding more properties real soon. C.B. ... Colorado
Please remove our ad for the Florida kennel for sale. The response was unbelievable. I had 16 emails the morning after you placed the ad. We sold the kennel within 18 hours as a result of your ads. J.U. ... Florida
Your service works real well for advertising and selling of properties. We had quite a few phone calls as well as e-mails from potential buyers. We had listed this property with the local newspapers and St.Louis, Mo. as well. We had "more" response from "your ad" than any other source ...Thank You. We will recommend your service to others as the "Best Way To Sell Hunting Properties"! We are very satisfied. Your operation is a true blessing for interested sellers and buyers. Thank You again, H.K. ... Illinois
Please remove our ad for property for sale at Medina ND from northdakotahuntinglandforsale.com and other websites where it appears. The property has been sold. Thank you. We had very many inquiries because of the ad. R.H. ... North Dakota
Kerry, I have to tell you that whoever did the web page did an awesome job. ... we see there have been quite a few visitors. Thanks G.S. ... Minnesota
You can remove our ad for the Illinois land. We sold the land through your websites. Thanks. J.B. ... Illinois
I just wanted to Thank you for helping us sell our kennel. I can't believe how many people contacted us about our property. We closed on the kennel on Tuesday and the new owners take over in June. Please pull our ad so we don't have to disappoint any other callers or emails. D.L. ... Massachusetts
The past year has demonstrated a good level of interest from the market for land in Wisconsin and proven that advertising with you works. G.T. ... Wisconsin
Please remove my ad for the ranch for sale in Nebraska. We had a lot of response from your ads. Sold it to someone from Georgia who found my ad on one of your websites. Thanks again. B.L. ... Nebraska
I sold my Pecan Orchards today. Thanks. Had many inquires on it. It sold thru your ads. Please remove my ads under "Orchards For Sale" & "AR Farms For Sale" Philip B ... Arkansas
Please remove my kennel for sale ad, $395,000. Then, please run this new ad for these additional listings. I received many inquiries and sold the kennel from your ad. I was more than impressed with the response to your ad, " I was simply amazed ". C.P... Florida
Just a quick note to put a "SOLD" sign over the 640 acres on the site. Keep the listing there for a while until I notify you. The land was purchased by a man from Michigan. He saw the add on my web site. Have had several complements on the site and want to thank you again for a great job!! B.B. ... North Dakota
Hi. I listed a farm for sale, for my uncle a few months ago. I am writing you today because , through your website, this farm has sold. He thanks you very, very much. I didn't know if I needed to contact you to remove the listing or if you just keep it running. It was listed as 750 acres in Prairie County... I just thought I would let you know so you can put SOLD across the ad, remove it, or whatever it is that you do. Again, Thank you very much, C.M...Arkansas
Sirs, The Mercer County land for sale near Hazen has been sold. Please remove the ad from your display. Your advertisement was very popular and we received numerous inquiries through the ad. Thank you for your help. P.D. ... ND
160 acres, $195K. I want you to know that someone picked it up on your site. That is why it sold. I will use your services again if I can. Thank you. R.F., ... California
Just wanted to let you know that I have sold my green houses and you need to mark them sold or take them off. Thanks very much. Wouldn't have sold them without you. R.D. ... Louisiana
I would like to place another farm for sale ad with you. We had a lot of response from our first ad, and would like to advertiZe another farm. D.P. ...Ohio
Kerry--My name is S... A... and I am one of your advertisers. I have sold the major portion of my ranch and I would like to modify my ad to reflect only the remaining 40 acres, log home, bunk house, tennis court, swimming pool---Please contact me so that I may adjust the ad--I am getting tons of responses and I continue to turn people away--thank you. S.A. ... California
Please remove our kennel for sale ad. We had a lot of response. L.N. ... North Dakota
We have an ad posted on your service and would like to modify it. Could you please e-mail me instructions or directions on how to modify our ad? Thanks. I am also interested in renewing when our ad time expires, if you could please keep that in mind. We have had much more success with contact on your site than any paper we have ever advertised in. Thanks for the help...Wisconsin
The response and "hits" from the various web-sites I linked to through you is "unreal"-- I am quite satisfied!! Thank you!! L.F., Farm and Country Realty ...New York
Hi, Am pleased to inform you my kennel has sold! I thank you for the wonderful service you provide. I was receiving inquiries the day my ad appeared! I have recommended you to friends who are selling their homes or business. Please cancel my ad. Thanking you again, SH ...Arizona
Hi Reenie and Kerry: Great news. I just sold Ogopogo Resort. Thanks for your services. I definitely will contact you and use your superb service again as soon as I obtain another Resort Listing. Please post Ogopogo Resort as SOLD! BK ... Ontario, Canada
Dear Sirs: We wanted to let you know that as a result of our ad on your web site we have sold our business. Please remove the ad at your earliest convenience. We would like to thank you for offering such a low-cost method of advertising. The ad resulted in many inquiries. We couldn't have been more pleased. Thank you. SB Montana
Hi, Can you please remove my ad for the 500 acres of farmland for sale. The farm has been sold. We've had a great response from your ads... In fact, it has been unbelievable. Thanks again. SB...North Dakota
Got a lot of response from your AD for my kennel for sale. Could I please cancel the balance. I no longer need it advertised. Thanks JB ... New Jersey
Please cancel our ad - Ontario 9 hole executive course. We got lots of calls from your site. Sold to a USA gentleman. You can leave it up if you want...but mark it "SOLD" and remove contact information Ontario
Please remove Kennel for sale (w/2 homes). It is no longer for sale. Thanks for all your help. I got alot of hits from your site. AC
Connecticut Estate. I just want you to know we have been getting responses, and have a prospective buyer from Florida. We also have been getting other interested parties. Thanks, God's Blessings Connecticut
Dear Marian and Kerry, The ad in orchard(s) for sale has had a nice response 3 or 4 fairly serious; and one couple has been here to visit. (Many thanks for your time.) B...Pennsylvania
Hi, I placed an ad for a kennel for sale about a month ago for a kennel for sale in New Jersey. Please remove my ad. I had great response from your ads. I had greater response from your ads and showed it to more people than from my realtor. Cathy ... New Jersey
Arkansas Hello Global, Please remove my ads, I am booked for the season. The response I received from the ads was unbelievable! I'll be calling you again next year. B.H. ... Arkansas
Kansas Money well spent, have had lots of hits with advertising on Global AdvertiZing. Please continue service for another year. Please e-mail us with confirmation of receiving payment. Thank you, G.B. Outfitters ... Kansas
Colorado Thanks for updating our hunting rates last month. We are now preparing for our summer activities and would like to add some things to our site. I have enclosed three disks with some new pictures on them. Thanks again for your help. We are very happy with the amount of response we get from our web site, people really like it and comment on it often! T.B. ... Colorado
Wyoming Hi--I have my cabin listed with you on www.wyominghunt.com and 2 prairie dog sites for hunters--I would like to know if you have another listing that would be for vacationers and families? We are getting a lot of calls - I can't believe how many people must read your ads -- and would like to have families vacationing as well as hunters - can you give me some ideas? S.D. ... Wyoming
North Dakota THANK YOU!!!! I am getting as many calls and e-mails about my place as I would like at this time. I think the websites that you own are awesome to advertise on. Someday I may want you to make some changes, but as of now we shall keep everything as is. I thanked MainStreet.com for being so interested in helping me, but asked them to please not give me anymore calls. B.M ...ND
Kansas I wanted to tell you how awesome you are doing on our web site, it is really taking shape. You don't realize how happy you are making us. We appreciate your hard work!!!!!! B.B. ...KS
North Dakota Just want you to know that we placed an ad with you at www.northdakotaduckhunting.com and the response has been phenomenal. We are already booked for the entire season, and we are turning them away left and right. Thanks a lot. D.L. ... ND
North Dakota Kerry, The customer that placed the guide ad for hunting on the goose sites already received enough calls to fill up his whole season. Thought I would let you know. :) P. H. ...ND
Texas Hi, my name is ... I advertise with your company and I need to update my ad. I'm a hunting outfitter and I'm under ... Ranch. Please email me some info on how to update my ad. Thank you. I have had great results from advertising on your site. Keep up the good work. Thanks T.M. ... Texas
New Mexico Hello Kerry, I am writing on behalf of Northern New Mexico Elk Hunts and would like to talk to someone regarding our current advertising that you have been providing for us. I believe that our renewal is coming up soon and would like to discuss with you how to go about keeping everything as it is. We are truly pleased with the responses that we have received and would like to continue with your services. Please call me so we can discuss the following cost, changes, and when payment is due. Thank you, M Northern New Mexico Elk Hunts
Spain Dear Kerry: It's a long time we are not in contact. At this time we feel satisfied with the results of our advertising in your WEB. We have our own web site now, please include. Thank you. Mrs. A. ... Spain
Montana Kerry, We have had quite a few inquires from the ad. We are going to lease out to a bowhunting guide. Please change our ad as follows: Gordon A. Montana
South Dakota Kerry, Please make the changes to our ad. Thank you for making these changes. We have had a lot of response from your listings. B.B. ... South Dakota
California After one month, we are very pleased with our web site and with your advertiZing results. We are considering discontinuing our other forms of advertiZing. Thanks alot. B.M. California
Indiana ...We are extremely pleased with your service. Since we've signed up with you, our web site traffic has about tripled. B.H. Indiana
Oregon Hi , I'm Larry M , and I am listed under your Fishing Guides , ... be sure and let me know when I have to renew my listing. I really enjoy advertizing with Global , I have been getting a lot of new customers though Global advertizing. Regards --- L M ... Oregon
North Dakota Sorry I am getting back to you so late. Please remove my ad from all deer hunting sites. I think I will be extremely busy with the bird season alone. I am possibly thinking of coyote calling to add for next year, but I will let you know. Thank you for the great work on the web page. The response has been really good. J.B...ND
Hi, This fall you helped me put an ad about pheasant hunting on the internet. The ad is working well and I have received many emails. I am wondering if you can do the same thing for me regarding selling cattle.
Colorado Kerry & Marian, We cannot tell you how pleased we are with our web site !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!! We are so excited, what else can we say, except THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!!!! T S and C... CO
Hi Kerry. Thanks so much for the very nice or should I say beautiful new website. Sure didn't take you long. At this time I would not know how to improve or change anything. In time if you think it needs a change or whatever, please let me know. It is really nice working with you. L.H.
North Dakota Hi, Just a note to say that we are already very pleased with the advertising results that we are receiving. My only regret is that I did not know of your service last year. Southway hunters lodge. ...ND
Dear Reenie, I'll have a check in the mail for you folks next week. I have had another successful year thanks to a great team. Thanks again and the best to all of you!!! Thanks R.W. ... South Carolina
Brilliant!!! Thank you so much for taking care of this for me!!! And yeah... I will use your services again in the future!! A.W. ... Florida
Standard Poodles I would like to know when my listing expires because I want to add my url to it and also change the text, email address, and picture. This has been the BEST site for advertising. Keep up the great work!! A.L. ... Georgia
Bloodhounds Thanks so much...We have been extremely happy with your services! I don't know how we ever survived without our web site. K.G. ... Arizona
My ad with you is the best thing I have ever done. You have saved me hundreds of dollars in advertiZing costs. Please renew my ads for another year. K. P ... IL
Springer Spaniels I would just like to thank you for the placement of this ad. All puppies have been sold. Once again thank you. K.A. ... Wisconsin
German Shorthaired Pointers: Kerry, Sir I have to thank you greatly. Since the ads have hit the web, I have calls on the phone and e mails off the wall. It has increased my production needs greatly already. Again sir, I thank you greatly! Thank you A.S.
Marian Thanks to you and Kerry my business is booming even in these trying times. I sure appreciate all you have done for me. Take care. Thanks R.W. ... South Carolina
Reenie, I like my website. I can sell all of the puppies before they are born -- Thanks, you did a really good site for me. J.C. ... Tennessee
Dear Marian, I just want to let You and Kerry know how much I appreciate the banner that you put on my website. You two are always coming up with new and innovative ideas to keep my website from getting stale. The last time I spoke to Kerry, I had 65 pups to sell and I now have none. I'd recommend you two and your business to anyone, except for my competition. Thank you once again for such a professional website and prompt service. R.W. ... South Carolina
Samoyeds Thank you. I can't believe how nice it's been to work with your group. This really looks like a nice web site for so much. Best of luck with the web site. A.S., Illinois
Dobermans Thanks Kerry, I have already been contacted by an interested party. Do you send the bill, or do you just want to give me the correct billing address and I'll send you a check . DeeDee, Oregon
Australian Shepherds Hi, I am currently advertising with you with my Australian Cattle Dogs. My email address is about to change. Could you change it? Thanks so much. I have just been advertising with you a short while and have had so many responses.
Cocker Spaniels Good morning, I was wondering if you would let me know when my ad will expire? I have had good response from it and I didn't want it to run out. Please let me know. Thanks, M.C...Alabama
Bloodhounds Thank you so much for everything! You have been just wonderful to work with and I will let you know when we can step up the advertising a notch. We will certainly work with you. We absolutely love the site. In fact...we got a call this morning from a gal in Pennsylvania who is interested in our dogs! WOOHOO! Good job guys! K.G. ... Arizona
Basset Hounds Marian, I only have three pups left. Thanks for everything. Every time I look at the site, I just love it more and more. I still have #7, pups 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 are sold. Thanks. PW...South Carolina
Coonhounds to Kerry Schorsch than you very much for the broad range of sites. We have limited space and limited time and have already have had several responses to previous ads you have posted...Thank you very much Happy holidays and god bless you B.B. ... Idaho
Doodles Hi Kerry and Marion...I just wanted to let you know that I have heard MANY positive complements about our website. We are very happy with it also!! Thank you for your hard work and patience with all our requests! I really like how you have the pages set up now. Can we keep the pages set up as is? No hurry on the other minor changes... we are so happy that you got the pics of the pups in there so fast for us! Have a great Christmas!! Jeannie
Border collies Dear Marion, Having a few responses to the ad, actually the very next day. I do feel I need to set up a web site. Could you give me some basic information you need and what this will cost?
Dear Kerry, Go ahead and set me up with the search engines. The site has more then paid for itself already. Glad to do business with you. J.K. ... Wyoming
Brittanys I sold all my pups and am still getting a bunch of inquires for pups I advertised... If you still have an ad from me about Snap E Tom and a dog Dixie or Sadie can you take it off your classified. I really appreciate this service you provide, it was very helpful in selling my pups to the kind of serious hunters I like to sell to. Thank you very much, A.B.
Coon hound thank you very much we sold our blue tick. can you please take our ad off. D.S. California
Bassethounds I couldn't believe the response from your advertiZing. 26 pups and one adult in only 3 weeks. I have told lots of people about your service. B.F.
Brittany's I wanted to let you know that I sold my dogs! within two weeks of posting. My ad was under the name of C. B. Thanks for your help - Please remove my ad. Thanks, C B
Labradors Hello, I will be mailing out the check for $225 today for the ads. They look great and I have had several calls, and 3 sales. Thanks so much! I will be adding the horse blanket pages, but not til next month. Sincerely, S. H. Oregon
Thank you Marian, the web site looks great. I will send you more information on the training page in about a month. I am not quite ready to take on some dogs for training yet. When I have my kennels ready I will email you with the particulars. Thank you, Jeff
German Wirehairs Thanks for running my ad. The pups were all sold, and I had a lot of fun doing it. Please pull my ad from the internet, Thanks for your help. Tom P
German Shorthairs I have sold more dogs through your company than I can count. That is the best $115 I have ever spent! A.S. Dachshunds I just want to tell you that the response we have been getting from that ad we run with you has been unbelievable. Do you do websites also? JZ
Newfoundlands I have never had an ad work so good in my life. The response was unbelievable! I had 27 calls in one day. I don't know how the buyer did it, but there was a courier at my door this morning with a check. Please remove my ad. If I ever have anything else to advertiZe, I'll be contacting you. Oregon
Pit Bulls I get lots of inquiries and make lots of sales through our ads. Please renew my ads for another year. F.N.
Springer Spaniels The phone rings constantly, the ads have worked great. Please remove the ads, I have sold all my dogs. Thanks alot. KR
Bloodhounds Kerry, I will get a renewal check in the mail tomorrow! We have been VERY happy with your services and would most certainly like to continue! I was going to send you an email regarding our web site. First, we have a litter due next weekend so I will keep you posted on any changes regarding that. Second, we would like to change the contact phone number to xxxx... Thanks again for doing such a great job and we look forward to another year! K.G. ... Arizona
Pugs I sure get a lot of traffic from your advertiZing. I am very pleased with your service and want to renew my ads. Oklahoma
Black Labs Hi. I am just wondering if you could remove my advertisement for the 2 black labs. I have had many calls. We no longer have them. JB...ND
Siberian Huskies We monitor where the traffic to our web site comes from. You guys always have the top four or five web sites. Much better than Yahoo. We would like to add three more breeds. MJ ... South Carolina
English Sheepdogs I ran an ad with you about six months ago, advertiZing my sheepdogs. I could have sold a thousand of them. Please place this new ad for me, and raise the price from $500 to $700. I would recommend your service to anyone. South Carolina
English Setters Kerry - I wanted to let you know I had a call last night from your advertising and I think he is going to buy a pup! Thanks. I didn't even know the advertising was set up and I already had a call. I'll check out the ad sites today. Thanks again, Paul ... Texas
Blue Ticks Please renew my ads for another year and lets go ahead with the web site. Thanks... South Carolina
Dairy Cows Please remove our ad, invoice # for dairy cattle for sale. Our cattle are sold! Thanks for your expertise. What a great way to advertize! S.B. ... Kentucky
Dairy Cows Thank you for the excellent advertising. We have sold all the dairy cattle. We had responses from across the nation and Canada. It has been amazing to speak to the diversity of people and farming enterprises. D.B. ... Kentucky
Brangus Dear Sir/Madam: How may I change my ad with your company? The ad is now out dated, however, I would like to continue to advertise with your site. It is getting tremendous feedback and traffic to our website. You people are doing a tremendous job for us, we just need to get it updated. I will be looking forward to your reply. M.G. ... Florida
Dairy Cows We thank you for our ad, we have sold our cows and very pleased with the great response we received. I had advertised in our local paper, most calls from that were dealers. Again, thank you I will be ever in your debt. We found a good buyer and will be able to go and visit our cows this summer. I kid my husband that I have to make bikinis and sun glasses for our cows are going to sunny Fla. Mrs. D.P. ... PA
Angus Bulls Just want to let you know that we just sold $30,000 worth of bulls to Nebraska from an ad you are running for us. Thanks a lot. M.W . ... North Dakota
Dairy Cows We have sold the cows we had advertised on your site and wish the ad to be removed. Thank you for the assistance. We have had numerous calls from the ad, so people are using your site. Thanks. L.C. ... Mississippi
Dairy Cows Thanks for the excellent ad. We have sold the milking cows. P.B. ... Kentucky

Please remove our ad for the Percheron colt. We sold him through your websites. Thanks. L. B. ... Pennsylvania
Sold The grey Gelding Thank for the great advertising Cheryl
Dear Kerry, I am very pleased with the response I am getting from my ad with your company, I think it is terrific value at this moment in time. Could you recommend other ways of promoting my website on a small budget which could increase inquiries? Thanks, Look forward to hearing from you, A.G. London Golf Holidays
Colorado We are now preparing for our summer activities and would like to add some things to our site. I have enclosed three disks with some new pictures on them. Thanks again for your help. We are very happy with the amount of response we get from our web site, people really like it and comment on it often! T.B. ... Colorado
Dear Kerry, I am very pleased with the response I am getting from my ad with your company, I think it is terrific value at this moment in time. Could you recommend other ways of promoting my website on a small budget which could increase inquiries? Thanks, Look forward to hearing from you, A.G. London Golf Holidays
Utah Hay for sale We have sold all of our hay and are still getting 2 -3 phone calls per week. Please remove our ad. We will be advertising with you again when we have More hay to sell. R.H. ????? Utah
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